Get your object 3D Printed

Being designer and manufacturer of 3D Printers, we can always assure you the quality that is at par with any international printer. Also our background of engineering helps us to understand your requirements, be it a precision engineering part or any decorative item.

We use most widely used FDM (Fused deposition modeling) technique which uses PLA and ABS plastic as input material and build part layer by layer.  

For reference, please see below some of the parts that are printed using Nuvogenie 3D Printers.  Note that ALL parts shown below are as printed from 3D Printer ie it is not processed any further for display purpose.  This indicates the superior quality that you can expect from us.

Process :

  • Save your 3D CAD model in .stl format.
  • Send this model along with any specific requirements to or
  • We will send you estimated cost.
  • Once agreed part will be printed and can either be collected or hand delivered or couriered as required.