WHAT is 3D Printing

  • If you can imagine it, you can build it.  As simple as that.
  • Imagine it à Create a 3D model -> Print it.

WHY 3D Printing

  • Manufactures virtually any physical object with almost no cost which can take significant investment otherwise.
  • Can be used to create a prototype at a very low cost which can be tested for utility before investing significant amount for mass manufacturing setup.
  • Ease of usage

 How 3D Printing works

  • User creates a 3D model using software like Autocad.  Alternately there are many many models available online also
  • Connect your laptop to 3D printer
  • Slicing software (slic3r, cura etc) are then used to automatically divide 3D model in small cross-sections and elements.   This is called G-Code
  • User software such as Pronterface then issues a command to3D printer using this G-code
  • 3D printer build your physical object using filament

WHO are typical users of 3D Printers

  • Designers, hobbyists, industrialists, engineers, homemakers, jewelers, inventors,……
  • Anyone.

 WHICH is typical input material for 3D Printer

  • PLA filament
  • ABS filament


  • Like any upcoming (or for that matter existing) technology, 3D printing is constantly evolving.
  • So while it is simple to use, learn to play with it.  Its soooo much fun.


Happy 3D printing!!!