About Nuvogenie

Why shall I go for Nuvogenie 3D printer ?

Nuvogenie is a desktop 3D printer that is completely designed and built in-house giving its complete control technically and otherwise. It is built after detailed analysis to suit your needs and  is thouroughly tested across for its usability and durability. Some of the features that make Nuvogenie stand out are as below:

  • Versatile 3D printer to suit your needs
  • Completely designed and built in-house which ensure its technical control, durability and consistent results
  • Attractive LCD display with SD card enabling ability to print without computer (optional)
  • Robust acrylic body ensures stability eliminating vibrations
  • High quality linear motion guides to ensure smooth operation
  • Illuminated Bed area for better visibility of printed part
  • Easy extruding mechanism enabling quick filament change
  • Ease of use with little maintenance
  • Eye catching design , no clutter wirings.
  • Best Return on Investment

Is 3D printer right for me?

3D printing is paving way to the future with the technology constantly evolving.  3D printing is an arena that opens up new vistas to your imagination. It enables any individual to transform his idea into a design and finally provide ability to see and feel the creation. This is absolutely fit for anyone who likes to be in touch with current trend.

This printer absolutely fits in for Designers, Technologists, Engineers, Hobbyist, Homemaker, Jewelers, Students, Teachers etc; practically it is for anyone and everyone who has flair for modeling and building objects. User need not be an expert in any field as 3D printer can be operated and used easily after short quick learning.

Does Nuvogenie need constant adjustment or maintenance?

Except for few minor adjustments or minor periodic tune-ups (like lubricating linear guides, bed leveling, maintaining belt tension), this printer does not require any maintenance.

What is included along with 3D Printer?

All required tools and information will be provided along with printer as mentioned below:

  • Few meters of filament for initial tests
  • Essential tools
  • One 3D printed part that is successfully printed on your printer as part of test.
  • User Guide

Can I use both PLA and ABS with Nuvogenie 3D Printer? What adjustment do I need to make switching from one to another?

Yes, both filaments can be used. It does not require any adjustment except that temperature needs to be set to a higher value for ABS (please refer User Guide).


Shipping and Payment

What is the typical lead time for delivery?  Can I get 3D printer faster that your normal lead time?

Our lead time for 3D printer is typically 2-3 weeks once the order is confirmed. During this time, post assembly of the printer, we spend time on thorough testing of the printer to ensure it works as expected under different circumstances.

For accessories, we will ship your order 1-2 business days after receipt of full payment.

Do you ship world-wide?

Yes, we ship to both domestic (India) locations and majority of the countries in the world. We have tied up with leading courier companies to ensure efficient delivery. In case the country is not appearing in the list while checking out, please write to us at nuvogenie3dprinter@gmail.com  or  support@nuvogenie.com.

What are your available payment options?

Payment can be done through below modes:

What additional charges are required to be paid?

  • For 3D Printers Ngbot and Ngbot-LC,  there are no additional shipping charges.  For all other products, shipping charges, as applicable according to your location
  • For international shipments, customer will pay country specific Customs charges, government taxes, fees etc
  • Any other charges (varies from country to country), only if applicable,  when shipments are imported in your country.

Where to look for shipping charges?

There are no shipping charges for 3D Printer Ngbot and Ngbot-LC. 

For other products (if ordered separately of Ngbot and Ngbot-LC) , shipping charges are based on location and weight of shipment and can be estimated during the checkout process (before payment).


Cancellation, Return, Replacement

What is your cancellation, return and replacement policy?

Cancellation :  Cancellation can be considered if

  • It is done within 48 hours of placing an order  and
  • Its done before items are shipped.

Returns :   

We  accept return for un-used product within 2 weeks of receipt . Shipping and other incidental charges (like customs, banking charges and 5% restocking fees) need to be borne by user .

Returns for open and functioning product within 2 weeks will incur an restocking fees of 5% of product cost (for shipments delivered out of India)  /  25% of product cost (Shipments delivered within India).  Shipping and other incidental charges (like customs, banking charges etc) need to be borne by user.


What if I don’t my product is not working as specified?

We offer 1 year warranty for mechanical parts and 6 months warranty for electronic parts.

We also offer 90 days support which can be done via phone or email or online or visit to site depending on location.  Please note that it is very easy to repair 3D printer in case of malfunction.

While we use quality parts for printer but for any defective part, replacement will be given per warranty period. We also ensured that replacement parts are available at a very low cost in case user need to get it replaced post warranty period.


Bulk Order/Partner with us/Distributor

Do I get any discounts for bulk order of 3D printers?

Yes.  Please contact us via ‘contact us’ link or write to us at nuvogenie3dprinter@gmail.com  or  support@nuvogenie.com stating your requirement and we will connect to you at the earliest.

Can I be distributor/reseller for Nuvogenie 3D printer and its accessories?

Yes.  We welcome you to be part of Nuvogenie familyPlease contact us via ‘contact us’ link or write to us at nuvogenie3dprinter@gmail.com  or  support@nuvogenie.com stating your requirement and we will connect to you at the earliest.

I have my own company and distribution network.  Can you build  customized 3D printer for me with my brand?

Yes. Please contact us via ‘contact us’ link or write to us at nuvogenie3dprinter@gmail.com  or  support@nuvogenie.com stating your requirement and we will connect to you at the earliest.