We are a team of qualified professionals in different disciplines of technology. With passion for technology, as a special area of interest, we have always been building artifacts and working prototypes of devices. When we stumbled upon the idea of fabricating a 3D printer, the zeal to move ahead was both enthusing and challenging. In earlier days as hobbyists, we have been involved in several DIY projects like RC modeling, CNC routers, telescope etc to name a few. The task of designing a high quality product in the form of 3d printer from drawing board to finish was very challenging but indeed a thrilling experience. The idea of 3d printer that is durable, precise, fit for purpose and cost effective finally gave birth to nuvogenie.

Nuvogenie 3D printers that you see today, are a result of tireless efforts, with attention to details. Each 3D printer is thoroughly tested and tuned before delivery.

We perceive, 3D printing as a way to future that opens up multiple vistas in terms of imagination. Our 3D printers allow you to make varied array of objects of high complexity. With little ingenuity, stretch your imagination, design the object and just print it in front of your eyes. We have strived hard to make nuvogenie user friendly so that it can be handled by amateurs as well as professionals with equal ease.

We strongly believe and aim at providing best quality 3D printers with at affordable price. 

Please visit us for Live Demo and Discussions at  : Shop # 19, Castalia, Near SBI, Pimple Saudagar, Pune - 411027

Happy 3D printing!!!